Jon X and Cecily Fay from The Morrighan wearing helmets
"Elegant, intense and strangely electrifying"
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Trance Anthems

The Morrighan came onto the music scene back in 1999 with Remember - To The Millennium, a huge chart hit still loved by the trance community a quarter of a century later.

The highly-regarded remix by Lange was the beginning of a relationship that would lead to another big anthem. Arguably one of the most recognisable songs from the era; Lange feat. The Morrighan - Follow Me was originally co-written for a movie; Kevin & Perry Go Large.

What is The Morrighan?

The Morrighan is Cecily Fay and Jon-X; two live performers who are successful artists in their own right.

The Morrighan's sound infuses electro, classical, techno and trance with Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and Leftfield as influences. These ingredients lead to an unpredictable, modern and euphoric soundscape.

Cecily and Jon are ready to reawaken The Morrighan. Are you?

Jon X wearing a helmet and holding a record
Cecily Fay in a red dress