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The Morrighan made their splash in the music industry with the release of a trance anthem; Remember (To The Millennium). After Lange produced a remix, that relationship led to another chart hit; Follow Me - a song that became iconic as the 'anthem' of Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Jon-X and Cecily continued to make music in that eclectic style unique to The Morrighan. After a plethora of memorable live shows, DJ sets, singles and albums, The Morrighan took a step away from the spotlight. Now though; they are back with brand new releases. Watch out for new tracks on The Morrighan Bandcamp page!

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Cecily Fay

Cecily is a multi-disciplined performance artist with success as  an actress, dancer, choreographer, writer, champion martial artist, sword master, producer, composer, stuntwoman and of course; singer!

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With a celebrated career working in TV set design alongside his work as a writer, producer and singer with The Morrighan, Jon-X also created a highly successful event photography business; Phototheatre.

Louiza Savvides

Louiza Savvides

Louiza has served The Morrighan as a pianist and provided additional keyboards. The Morrighan's music would not be the same without her boundless talent and contribution over the years!

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More about... Cecily Fay

As the main vocalist, it is Cecily's unique and operatic tones that help to make The Morrighan's music indistinguishable.

Equally comfortable in the studio or on a stage, Cecily Fay has taken the desire to express herself through performance into several areas with a career that stems back to the 1990s.

She has been training in Silat since 1995 and during that time; became the double European Champion. Now running the successful Silat School, she also created the live stage show Babes With Blades and feature film; The Flower of Sarnia.

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You can read more about Cecily's work in film and TV on her website, With acting credits in Star Wars, Doctor Who and plenty more, she's a recognisable face from the big and small screen. With history as a character performer too, she's been know to appear in some very unusual, head-to-toe costumes! You may also recognise Cecily's face from the theatre including Cbeebies Live and Land of Shadows.

If you can't get enough of that voice please support her music by heading over to The Morrighan Bandcamp page where you can find exclusive live performances along with high quality downloads of original music by the band.

Jon X with Lange on stage

More about... Jon-X

Like Cecily, Jon is not a one-trick pony! As the co-writer, producer, live keyboard player and occasional singer for The Morrighan, his contribution to the band stretches across multiple disciplines.

Jon-X is also a successful DJ, previously holding residencies in prestigious nightclubs such as Heaven, Stringfellows and Ministry of Sound in London. You can guarantee that a set from Jon at any event will leave a lasting memory. Now back on the decks and raring to go, you can catch Jon playing classic tracks by The Morrighan combined with exclusive new productions that cannot be heard anywhere else.

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Jon X in his 1990s studio

Jon's foray into music can be traced back to a song that became a staple in trance. Released in 1995; Crescendo - Are You Out There isn't just a melody that everybody recognises. As a voiceover artist too, it features those dulcet tones that could only be Jon-X.

Jon has worked in radio and TV too. He once interviewed Audrey Hepburn for UNICEF! The list of celebrities Jon as worked with is almost endless; DJing at Muhammad Ali's private book launch in Stringfellows, photographing a well-known member of the British Royal Family and even having dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Paul McCartney.

His thirst for meeting and working with some of the best artists in the industry is now leading to new and exciting reworks of classic tracks by The Morrighan so watch this space!